Vegan Cakes

CREDI® Cake Vegan mix is simply the best vegan cake mix and can be used for a large variety of inspiring and moist soft cakes. It has a mild and sweet flavour. You can use the mix as it is and top it off with delicious icing, or you can create your own tasteful and inspiring vegan soft cakes just by adding fruits, berries, nuts or vegan chocolate cunks. 


The vegan cake mix is very easy to handle. It is a 100% premix where you only have to add water and vegetable oil to produce a fantastic moist vegan soft cake. Furthermore, the premix ensures a uniform batter where berries and chunks do not sink to the bottom and it has a remarkable stability during baking. The premix is designed to various production equipment and ensures an easy and effective production every time.


The Vegan cake mix is tailormade to Craft bakeries and Semi industry.


Please contact us for more information and inspiration about our vegan soft cake and how we can help customize any product that suits your needs.


About our Vegan Cake:

  • Sweet taste and a fantastic moist crumb
  • High baking quality
  • Designed to various production equipment
  • Natural colour and flavours
  • High viscosity - ensures that berries or chunks suspended in the batter
  • Designed with baking powder systems to ensure a perfect structure
  • Emulsifier and enzyme systems to ensure prolonged shelf life
  • The vegan soft cake mix is available as neutral, lemon, caramel, ginger and cocoa​


The best vegan soft cake - tastes as a traditional soft cake and can be used for any desired soft cake.


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