We have proved ourselves to be a valuable part of our customers business. More than a supplier Credin is a provider of CREATIVE SOLUTIONS.

European presence - local products

Credin Group is proud to have multiple production plants across Europe, including in Denmark, Poland, Portugal and Sweden, enabling great connections to all our customers.

From our starting point at Palsgaard in Denmark, Credin Denmark offers a high quality assortment and extensive know-how on gluten-free product range, custard & fillings powders, vegan solutions and  much more. Read more here.

Founded in 1973, Credin Portugal is dedicated in providing innovative and differentiated solutions for bakery and confectionary industry, being highly regarded for their expertise in glazes and gels across Credin and Orkla group. Read more here.

Started on its journey in 1995, and over time, it has collaboratively established a strong presence in the adjacent markets. With expertise in crafting innovative concepts, ranging from bread concentrates and baking agents to custard powders and cake mixes. Read more here.

Credin Sweden has its roots back to Norlander Food in 1987 offering a high-quality ingredients in ready-to-use (RTU) fillings and creams, as well as a diverse range of bread and pastry products. Serving Credin and Orkla Group as a category company specialised for RTU fillings and creams. Read more here. 


Explore paths to bake new possibilities and transforming ideas into creative solutions.


Commitment to become a local champion for sustainability.


Staying ahead of the competition by offering workable solution with consistent quality and first-class service.

Core values


We dare to explore new paths. 


We take responsibility and keep our promises.


We help each other, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Visionary since 1930

Credin was established in 1930 by Herbert Schou, son of the Danish founder of Palsgaard A/S. Herbert Schou rapidly refined his father’s keen entrepreneurial and innovative approach, which proved essential during the radical changes in the food industry at that time.

Leading supplier of baking ingredients

Our vision was international from the start. The first move outside Denmark was in Portugal in 1973, followed by Poland in 1995. Today we are presented in Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden and a leading supplier of baking ingredients. Our common history and work ethic are reflected in our vision as one company, One Credin.

Orkla acquired Credin in 2002, and today, we are a part of Orkla Food Ingredients (OFI).